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Saturday, August 06, 2005

My Last Blog

Welcome to my last post ever, friends and enemies! Yeah, I know it's kinda a shocker, seeing that I havent written in this thing for some time now, but it's the truth. I'm ending this blog.

I recently learned that my blog was found by Karla. You remember Karla, right? My ex-friend, who had me fired from my first job cuz she was jealous, no hard feelings, may she rot in hell, love to her pieces, the fat turd... Well, apparently she typed in her screen name "xgynaryderx" in google.com and my blog was like the 3rd listing down. And if you've ever read my blog then you know that I've talked about everything going on in my life, from family to friends, from work to school, and from all in between.

What you probably didnt know (or maybe you did...) is that all lot of the stuff I wrote out was actually kinda personal. Like real personal. Like "your-father-is-actually-alive-and-a-king" kinda personal. But it wasnt just my personal stuff I was sharing. I was also sharing some friends and enemies personal stuff as well...you just didnt know it. And I apologize. It's just, I never thought it would get out, you know? I mean, everyone I know from the blogosphere world lives in New York, The Phillipines, Texas...everywhere but Tucson, AZ (well, except for you Jen, but you dont count, cuz I know there is no way we could ever play "6 Degrees of...)

My point is, be careful about what you write and who or what your writing about. If you look in this week's issue of People (the one with Jude Law in the front - ugh, I'm so mad at him for doing that to Sienna, and if you read what the Nanny says, OMG! But that's besides the point...) you'll see an article in there about blogging and how it got 3 people fired from their jobs, because of the stuff they wrote. Yeah. It's like having a blog is not even worth it, if it's gonna make you lose your job, you know?

And so, it's with that note that I end this blog. It well may be that I will never write again, in this lifetime, so let me just say before I leave, that so much of what I learned about blogging, is from all of you. You all taught me to open up and share and since then my writing has improved tenfold. I enjoyed writing tidbits from my life and having you read my stories. I also enjoyed making new friends and getting to know you better. So thank you...for allowing me to share a part of my life with you, and for you sharing your life with me.